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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fanfic part 2 (WIP)

So, this is the second fanfic I wrote. Its not done yet, and I may finish it later.
It is about the planeswalker Xenagos from Magic the Gathering. Its kinda a hit or miss thing.

Xenagos stood up and shook off the last of the revels' stupor.
It had been at best a mediocre revel. He had only killed three people. That was better than usual for this plane though.
He shrugged as he looked around the metal world. He really had not expected something like this. A world made entirely of metal? Where people had odd metal grafts and the grass was like blades?
No, it did not make much sense, in the context of Theros at least. But, he supposed, it made sense in the context of the multiverse.
The satyr shrugged again and pulled his lamp-staff from where it stood embedded in the ground beside him. It was time to get going again. He had other planes to visit, other revels to attend. For a satyr who liked to party, opening up the Multiverse was like a birthday. So many presents to choose from, but all of them were yours.
It was just a matter of which one you turned to first.
Smiling, Xenagos took a few steps forwards and cracked his staff down on the head of poor leonin who had been so interested in him.
Stupid cats. While different from the leonin of Theros, they were still too similar in lofty ideals and honour. All silly concepts.
The Vedalken of this plane though, they intrigued him. Four armed, tall, blue, stately. It would be interesting to see if he could entice one into a revel.
Xenagos turned back to look at the city he had left the night before.
He could go back and try...
No. He wasn't all that interested in this plane. And something felt wrong here anyways; he'd much rather try to find Vedalken somewhere else.
Taking a deep breath, he called on his bonds to the valleys of Theros, especially Skola Valley, situated as it was in the heart of the Nessian, above that primal almost volcanic heat. He felt the great bonfires that the satyrs lit at the revel each night, felt the flow of the life in the forest, and let it flow out through him. He raised his lamp-staff high, and began to slowly spin it, the flames at its end glowing brighter and brighter as he channeled the energies of the Valley into the land around him.
He could feel it slowly bending out of shape, becoming something else, be4coming more akin to Theros. When it reached breaking point he spun his staff down in front of him, the glowing lamps leaving a line of flame. He stepped through that line, and into the Blind Eternities.
Chaos. Raw natural mana. Nothing, and everything, all at the same time. If he could channel the Eternities, channel this chaos, then he could become so much more. But it would destroy him to do so. Those revels in the valley, the hedonism of the satyrs, were but poor reflections of the magic of the Eternities.
At least Xenagos knew this. Most would never even begin to grasp the idea.
That was why he was special. Because he did know.
And because he knew, he had to keep looking, keep looking for a revel that could match the sheer exhilarating rush of Planeswalking, find something that could compare to how alive he felt while trying to fight against the Multiverse itself to preserve his sanity.
He took one step with a leg that existed only in his mind, only as a dream, and then another with a leg likewise illusionary. Right, left, clip, clop, one, two.
He would make it to the next Plane. The Eternities would not break him. He was Xenagos, the Reveler, the Stranger on all other Planes, a King among others who were blind to the truth.
He was Xenagos. He was destined for so much more. He would see greatness. He would see glory. He would know the taste of an infinite success.
But first he had to take another step.
A thousand years passed during the next second as he stepped through the hole in space that was another Plane.
And stumbled out onto cobbled streets.
Which was odd. He usually arrived in some natural place, further away from cities, long enough for him to get a feel for the land of the Plane. Long enough for him to grow to be able to bend its powers to his will, to dominate the minds of those around him.
Curious, he sent his mind out questing. Yes, there was mana all around him. All around. He was in a city, but it was full of the life, the energy of the forest.
Xenagos finally took a moment to actually look around. He was in a street, bordered by buildings. Growing from those buildings were trees of all kinds. There were people everywhere, staring at him. And coming closer were two centaurs.
The stayr narrowed his eyes as he planted his lamp-staff firmly on the ground between his feet. He would not be swayed, would not be chased, by those ridiculous centaurs.
"Citizen, what are you doing here? And where are most of your clothes?"
The first centaur narrowed his eyes as he lowered his glaive to point at Xenagos' chest. His eyes moved, taking in the long flowing hair, the twisted horns, the robes, and most of all the revel paint.
"Are you a member of the Rakdos?"
"The what?"
The centaur raised an eyebrow and turned to his companion.
"He doesn't remember what the Rakdos is"
"He'll probably deny knowledge of the Selesnya next"
"He may actually be amnesiac. The cultists of Rakdos often are"
"And he could only be a Rakdos"
"Or possibly a Dimir, or a Simic"
"Indeed. Now, is this an issue for the Boros or the Azorious?"
"Neither. We force him to leave ourselves"
At this point Xenagos decided to cut in. He slowly raised one arm, and began to channel the mana of the Skola Valley.
Realizing that that would take too long he instead grabbed the life force of the forests around him. While it did not provide him with the flames he needed for most spells, it would do enough.
As roots and tendrils shot out of the ground to ensnare the two centaurs they bucked and reared in fear.
"Release us miscreant!"
Xenagos smiled at them, and began to pick his teeth with a finger.
"I...think not. It’s not worth letting you go free at this moment to impale me"
Others were paying attention now, but Xenagos wasn't interested in them. He'd just wipe their memories later, or maybe leave them all in a drunken stupor.
Hmm. To help facilitate that, he'd need help.
"Why don't we all just listen to my allies, and be friends?"
With a wave of his hand, and then another, two more satyr appeared at his side. Almost ghostly and transparent they stood, awaiting his orders.
"Kill anyone nearby who tries to get away"
As the crowd began to panic his satyr's leapt forwards to stop any who tried to run. After two or three were killed by satyr swords the others fell still, ready to obey Xenagos for some reason.
Likely they know help is coming, Xenagos mused.
"I guess I'll work quickly then! I am a stranger among you. This you know. This you will forget, for I am also a king! I am a king among you, one who can see among those who are blind. You'll tell me about your world, and then forget, by the decree of the stranger, the decree of the king!"
He looked around at the group as he laced his words with threads of mana.
"You" He pointed at a pretty human man "You'll answer me"
The man nodded, stepping forwards, and began to spill out details.
"You, and you, chime in if he misses something"
The Vedalken and human he was pointing at both nodded.
"And the rest of you. Break into the stores, start a riot, start a revel. Enjoy your life, your freedom from the constraints that society places on you!"
Xenagos smiled as he led his three eagerly chattering guides down an alley.

It seemed that the Plane he was on was called Ravnica. It was ruled by ten Guilds, massive groups ruled by powerful beings. In his mind he likened them to the gods.
The Guilds that seemed most in line with his own interests were the Gruul and the Rakdos. The Gruul were bestial, reveling in their primal natures, while the Rakdos were revelers, like himself.
He vowed to see them both before he left.
And now he understood the references to Azorius and Boros. Both were lawmakers and lawkeepers, but went about it in different ways. He resolved top steer clear of both of those groups, as well as the Simic, odd weirdos who experimented on all kinds of life. They would likely try and figure out what he was, as apparently, satyrs did not exist on this plane either. Were they unique to Theros?
Xenagos smiled at the idea. That would be ironic. A Planeswalker who would never fit in but on the world that he had left. He truly would be forever a stranger, and a true stranger unlike those others who were just unknown. A king of strangers.
He smiled again at his own wit, thanked his guides, and left the three of them trying to tear each other's throats out with their teeth. It wouldn't do to deny them their revel after serving him so faithfully.
As he wandered the streets he saw many more things.
Odd creatures, part fish part insect, dragons, small wrinkled things wearing sparking metals gloves, massive beasts...
The list went on and on. For any of these peoples, the peons, first introduced into the Plane, their minds would have snapped.
But, Xenagos reminded himself, I am not one of the peons. A king of strangers, one who can handle any oddity, a planeswalker, out of place everywhere but his home.
Finally, he reached his destination. He had followed the trail of the mana, a beautiful blend of fire and forest, like his own Skola Valley.
He stood, in the midst of a rubble field, staring up at a bridge above him.
He would stay the night here and drink in the mana. And maybe someone would come visit him, and he could have a revel as well.
Smiling, he began to climb to the top, his lamp-staff glowing brighter as night fell, acting as a beacon to draw in all foolish enough to think they could master the satyr.

He sat on the bridge as the cyclops, ogres, and monsters of all kinds closed in on him.
“Hello. I am Xenagos”
The approaching crowd stopped and looked at this overconfident thing sitting on their bridge. They would not accept this, could not-
“I would like to invite you all to join me in a small little get together. It is called a revel”
Xenagos stood and looked around as a massive two headed ogre pushed its way to the front of the crowd.
“Ruric” “And Thar no like” “Silly beast. You” “Will leave right” “Now”
The two heads finished each others sentences in a most annoying way. Xenagos shrugged and cast a simple spell on the warrior.
And staggered backwards as the thing’s double mind repelled the spell.
“Hmm. Perhaps you have a point”
Xenagos stood there and stared at the beast. While he did not want to admit defeat, it would be easier to not try and beat the monstrous ogre, especially not if the thing could repel his spell.
He shrugged and jumped down from the bridge. The satyrs he had left behind would stir up something. As the noises of fighting started behind him he smiled and continued on to find the Rakdos.

Xenagos descended further into the dark places of Ravnica. Soon he was in the bowels, the guildhall of the cult of Rakdos.

It was one eternal revel.

Fanfic part 1

So, this is the first fanfiction I wrote.
Its about Bionicles, you know, those Lego toys? Yah.
So, this is about my OC, a Toa of Iron.

Toa Velnan clomped down the street. The Matoran looked at him askance, but that was fine. He knew that he deserved those looks.
He looked like hell, his armour torn up, his cloak tattered, his Mask askew. But he didn’t really care. He was going to get to the boat, and going to find Helryx. And then he was going to get the truth of the matter.
The business on Xia…He would not think about the business on Xia. His chest ached from the loss of his team, from the loss of Allee.
But he would not think about Xia. He would not think about the loss of his team would not think about his failure, would not think of the taunts of the Makuta, and would not think about Allee’s dying words.
No, he would not think about Xia.
“Toa…?” one of the Matoran approached him “We need some help. There was an accident, and an Ussal driver got trapped”
Velnan walked past the Matoran, never slowing. The Ussal driver could sort himself out.
After a few steps he stopped, sighed, and turned around.
“I am sorry Matoran. Where is the accident?”
The Matoran looked at him oddly for a moment, then motioned for him to follow. Velnan tightened the chains about his arms so that they wouldn’t get in the way and then started after him, his longer stride easily keeping pace.
“What happened?”
“It was horrible Toa. The driver, a friend of mine, was delivering new goods to the Coliseum. But as he came around the corner the Ussal flipped, skidded, and something fell off. It exploded when it hit the wall. The debris trapped the Driver, the Ussal, and a few people in the building”
Velnan nodded.
“Sounds like he was carrying some kind of weapon. Did he tell you what it was?”
“No. He said that it was a secret”
Velnan glowered “More secrets. Just what this city needs”
“What was that Toa?”
“Nothing Matoran. What is your name?”
“Matoran Malla”
They rounded another corner and Velnan could see the scene. He cursed himself for his earlier reluctance to help, and dashed forwards.
It was a mess. The side of a building had collapsed into the road. He could see the Ussal’s legs pedaling weakly in the air.
That was where he would start.
“Malla! Make sure that everyone is cleared from the immediate area. I will be throwing the debris”
As he ran forwards he focused his mind on the iron around him. He expanded his sense until he could feel it. He wasn’t sure how other Toa felt about their elements, but to him, iron felt real. Solid. Dependable. It made him feel at home, and at peace.
He reached to the iron under the streets. No, that was pipes. Those could not be used. How about the metal in the buildings? No he could feel the strain on those. Supports.
While he continued his scan of the street for metal he could use the chains warpped about his body, from those on his arms to those around his chest began to snake, move, and squirm. Suddenly they uncoiled, all at once, and set to waving.
He was still scanning the street when he reached the rubble. With a mental shrug he turned his full attention to the pile. There were some pieces of metal that he could move, remove, remake, and use, but they were lower down. If he tried to take them out first he might further trap the driver.
Instead he set to pulling pieces off with his hands while his chains began to coil around smaller pieces and carefully tease them out. When he got to a larger piece the chains stopped what they were doing and moved to help him.
The chains got under it from, the far side, snaking around and about while he got his hands under the close side. With a heave he pulled the piece free of the rubble. Spinning he let go, flinging it to the side even as his chains flipped around and caught the debris that was threatening to slide into the hole he had made.
He turned back to look at the hole. Now that there was a big gap he could really start to work. He took a moment to fully straighten his mask, and reached out with his powers again. The Ussal registered as a large chunk of metal surrounding a void. The Matoran registered as a smaller piece of metal surrounding a smaller void. The Matoran was underneath the Ussal.
After a moment of thought Velnan paused to work the metal out of the chunk he had thrown aside. As the metal ran, and pooled on the ground beside him he sent it questing out to find the Matoran. When he sensed it underneath him he began to work in upwards into a lattice, a frame to protect the Matoran should a further collapse happen, and to take some of the weight off poor driver.
That done he went back to work, pulling pieces off the pile with reckless abandon. Now that the Matoran was safe he could…
He was making a mistake. Just because one package had exploded didn’t mean that there weren’t more.
He cast out with his senses again, and found a cluster of cylindrical metal objects. He knew what these were. Cordak missiles.
“Helryx” he growled “You’ve a lot to answer for”
He couldn’t move them, or even touch them with his powers for fear of detonating them somehow.
He moved with caution now, taking a moment to analyze the patterns, the debris, the slabs of rock and iron before trying to move them. A single wrong move and he could blow the entire street to the wrong side of Mata Nui.
He clenched his fists as he stared at the debris. It was like a puzzle. Just a puzzle.
Thus decided he looked at it differently. If he shifted this piece that way, and this piece this way, and held up this piece with his chains for a moment until he could slide this piece into place then he would have…
A piece fell free, and he dived to catch it. Tossing it far away he looked in. There, nestled together, were a bundle of cordak rockets. The chest that they had been in lay broken in two off to one side.
He breathed a sigh of relief and cast about for another piece of metal. There was nothing readily available so he sacrificed one of his chains. A sturdy box with slots for each rocket formed at his feet.
He reached in, and pulling the rockets out one by one, slotted them into the slots, then closed the box.
Now that the rockets were secure it was childs play to free the Matoran. With a wave of his arm his chains flew forwards and began to tear the pile to shreds. Pieces went flying in all directions, and then his chains detached themselves. Wriggling their way deep into the pile they began to squirm, push, and then pieces began to lift into the air as the chains pushed the pile apart from the inside.
The Ussal rolled out, and lay still. It was likely still alive, but if not he needed to get the Matoran out and healed first.
Finally the last of the debris moved and he saw a Le-Matoran lying under his cage of iron. As the cage dissolved into a chain he dashed forwards and lay a hand on the Matoran’s forehead.
His mask started to glow, lighting up the hollow formed by the debris as healing energy flowed from him into the Matoran.
His heartlight grew regular again, and finally his eyes grew bright.
“Whaaa!” He yelled, trying to scramble away from Velnan.
“It is OK Matoran. You are safe now” Velnan picked up the Matoran under the arms and lifted him free from the rubble “Now give me a moment to see to your Crab, and then you can be on your way”
Velnan walked over and performed the same healing on the crab as the Matoran stammered his thanks.
“Enough. Who were you taking the Cordak rockets to?”
The Matoran looked about guiltily “I’m not supposed to say Toa”
“Was it Toa Helryx?”
The Matoran’s eyes widened in surprise “How did you know?”
“Call it a warrior’s intuition” Velnan shook his head in disgust “Oh Sister you will be the death of this city yet. You and your secrets”
He shook his head at the confused look on the Matoran’s face and walked over to pick up the box. As his chains snaked their way back to him and wrapped themselves around his shoulders he turned to look at the Matoran.
“I’ll take these to Toa Helryx. I’m going there anyways. You make sure that you get home and get some rest. And make sure to notify a repair crew about the damage caused here”
With that Velnan turned and walked away. He had to go meet with Helryx about Xia.
No. They were back. The thoughts.
He would not though. He would not think them. Not think about Xia.
As he continued towards the Coliseum he realized that he had not even thought about not thinking about Xia while he was helping the Matoran. Maybe helping others was what he needed to keep his mind off his loss.
As he reached the Coliseum he came up with two options.
By the time he reached helryx he had made his decision.
“Toa Velnan. Welcome back. I heard about what happened on Xia. I am sorry for your loss, and for the loss of your team. They did not deserve that”
Velnan plunked the box down on her table.
“These are Cordak rockets Helryx. Being transported on Ussal back. In a badly sealed chest. Because of your Order’s negligence an entire block of Metru Nui was almost destroyed. If I hadn’t been walking past when the accident happened then it would have been. If you are going to keep putting the lives of Matoran at risk like this, not to mention sending Toa teams on missions that result in death, then I want no part of it”
“Velnan, calm down. We need you here. You can fight against the Makuta. You can do what needs to be done. You can protect more Matoran by-”
“No. I’m done Helryx. I wish you and your order luck, and I hope that you find the truth, that you figure out what you have been doing wrong, and that you find the proper path again.
“But I know my path. I’ll walk the land and protect Matoran where they need protection. Because that is my Duty. I know that for now I forsake Unity, but it will help me find my Destiny. Maybe when I have found that, then maybe I can find some peace. Until that day, goodbye Helryx”
He turned and walked out, ignoring her words, her speeches, and her lies.


So, this is the first complete short story that I wrote.
I was sad, had just broken up with someone, and was trying to come to terms with that.
So, uhh, yah. There is a lot of that in this story (But not as much as in my point of view stories. Shudder)

The great Jumpship Hera prepared for her maiden voyage. 22,000 metres long, 22,000 metres wide, and 11,000 metres tall, she was a beast.
A great ovoid, floating in space.
Final preparations are made, small fuel ships darting about the steel gray shell, gnats about a rhinoceros.
The little fuel ships and repair robots dart around airlocks, extrusions, com towers, and weapons blisters.
Repair bot 22357-Alpha-P darted past an observation balcony on its way to inspect the next airlock along.
Callix Troy watched it pass by.
His nerves were fluttering, a sick pit in his stomach. Butterflies danced, and his hands unconsciously tore a sheet of paper into smaller and smaller pieces.
God, he thought, I feel like I did before my first date. Oh, what a long time ago. She was pretty, and so kind, and smart and funny, but it hadn’t worked out.
He looked out at the stars, trying to remember specifics about that first date. For some reason, it was important that he remember now, after years of trying to forget.
A shuttle floated by, and began docking procedures at the airlock next to his observation balcony. It meant that it was almost time.
With the shuttle, the memories fled. It had been years since he had thought about her. She had broken his heart.
He hadn’t dated anyone after that, not for a long while. And those relationships had never lasted long.
Funny how he thought about this at a time like this.
But, then again, maybe not, he mused as he traced his fingers along the edge of the window.
Not at all odd, here, at this place, at this time. He sighed, and went back to his silent vigil, marshalling his thoughts.
With a pneumatic hiss the door behind him slid open.
He turned, his face carrying a smile as the Director of the project, the Client walked in.
“Mr. Troy? I am Serjin Hammil, the Client. I trust that you know what that means?”
Yes, Callix knew indeed what it meant. It meant that if he was wrong, if he made a mistake, his head would be served to this man on a crystal platter. But thats not what he said.
“It means that it is time to give you a tour of the ship. I hope that it is to your liking”
Callix turned, and waved his hand. In response to his gesture, the lights flickered on along the corridor that led into the belly of the ship.
They walked, side by side, into the belly of the ship.
“Can I offer you any refreshments? Wine, appetizers, peach? All grown aboard the ship, and prepared by our chefs.”
At his words servants leapt from their places by the walls, offering trays with the stated delicacies on them.
“I just ate before I left thank you. I always prefer to Jump on an empty stomach” Hammil’s voice was thick with disdain.
Fine. If he wanted to be that way then Callix could deal with that. He waved the servants away. The Clients were all the same. They believed that they were better than the world, and that the Architects that they hired, along with the work crews, the PR agents, and even the lifers who maintained the Jumpships and brought them their fortunes, were worthless.
Callix hated them everyone, but what was a man to do? He stifled a sigh, and continued his walk down the hallway.
After another minute of silence, Hammil looked over at him.
“So, tell me about my ship. I want to know all about the ship that I have just bought, that I will soon be sending to establish a new Colony”
There was something odd in his tone. Almost something like pride. But no Client showed pride in the Ships.
“Well, Hera is of the new class sir. She is built with the safest JumpDrives, and runs on a cold fusion reactor. The new Hex-Beta model. However, it has a modular core, so when this model becomes outdated at minimal cost with whatever you should choose to replace it with.
“She has 2T-23 AI brain at her heart. This is also modular, and can be removed when outdated. It runs most of the basic systems, and can plot courses as well as do any other number of travel related problems.
“It will also plan out the landing site, and help synthesize…”
The list of qualifications and specializations and wonderful ingenuities continued for some time as they walked through another airlock, and into a glass tunnel.
Hammil looked around with something like awe on his face.
Callix knew what he would see. A city, of sorts. This was one of the open markets, where people could gather and get out from the cramped tunnels and spaces for a time.
Plants grew down below, and people walked through paths in the garden. Storefronts lined the walls, and people wandered about, just enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Overhead TV screens were everywhere, giving information about the ship, the time, the weather, the news, and commercials.
“...lifers can come here to shop, and…” Callix trailed off when he realized that Hammil wasn’t paying attention anymore. He was staring at the surrounding in, yes, it was awe!
“Is everything alright sir?” This could be it. This could be his decapitation right here.
“Hmm?” Hammil swung his attention back to Callix, and seemed surprised to see him there. “Oh, yes. Everything is quite alright. I have just never been aboard a Colonyship before”
Callix was sure that his jaw was hanging. A Client who had never been on a Colonyship? Many had never before bought one, but one who had never even been on one?
That must mean that he was new money. Not something that happened often nowadays.
Callix was still thinking that over when Hammil swung around again.
“Well?” he demanded, his voice full of haughty superiority once again. “There is still the rest of the ship to oversee yes?”
As they continued through the ship Callix was struck again and again by Hammil’s inexperience with Colonyships.
He oohed and ahhed over the wood paneling in the lounges, the marine tanks, and the zoo.
He was amazed by it, consistently. He had never seen a Client before with as much inexperience. And he had been doing the Client tours for a long time.
Although, he admitted, this was the first time that he gave the tour of a ship that he personally had designed.
Callix was proud of the ship. He just hoped that Hammil would be too.
They finally made it to the bridge. They would have been there long since, but Hammil had insisted on touring most of the ship before going there, even the areas that Clients usually avoided. He had been especially impressed by the engine rooms, and the whole Core complex.
The entire bridge crew jumped to attention as they walked in.
The captain walked over to them, and saluted.
“Mr. Hammil, Designer Troy” Hammil looked startled that the scruffy, sloppily dressed man in jeans and a t-shirt was the one who had designed this magnificent ship.
He shot Callix a look. Callix just shrugged, as if to say that he did not understand either.
“The ship is ready for Jump sir” the captain continued, either missing the looks, or ignoring them “Whenever you give the word sir” He saluted Hammil again, then turned to Callix.
“I imagine that you will be wanting to return to your rooms now Designer?”
Callix began to nod, but Hammil cut him off. “Mr. Troy can stay up here. I would like his insights into the workings of the ship during the Jump”
The captain was surprised at this unusual behaviour from a Client, but he was not about to argue with the Client. He simply nodded, and turned back to the bridge.
As the two walked to take their spots at the observation rail, Callix risked a question.
“If I may ask Mr. Hammil, why do you want me to stay here?”
The Client looked over at Callix, and smiled. “You can call me Serjin Mr. Troy. Or may I call you Callix?
“I was impressed that you designed this ship. You do not look like one who would coop himself up in a room with blueprints for months on end”
Callix shrugged “I do what I like, and I have liked Designing since I was a kid”
Serjin nodded, and went back to staring out at space. The glowing disk of the Sun was just starting to come into view as Hera rotated. The viewscreen darkened around it so as not to damage their eyes.
“I also defied many expectations. As you may have guessed, I am a new Client. New money as it were. I made my fortune by stealing half the fortunes of another three Clients effectively. I made their companies obsolete with a few simple programs, and then gave them a deal to put me in charge as CEO of all three, with them serving as my Vice or else be made truly obsolete and fazed out. Then, once I was secure, I no longer had to worry about someone finding out my hoax. It was found out, the three tried to kill me, so I had them arrested, and inherited three companies.
“Now, what else is a newly made multi-trillionaire to do with his money other than buy a Colonyship? So I did. I commissioned this one, and bought the rights to a planet”
Callix looked at him, and shook his head. The man had guts to go up against three Clients like that.
The silence stretched out, and his thoughts drifted back to his first, and if he was honest with himself, only love.
She had looked beautiful on the beach. That was one thing that he remembered best about her.
That, and her laugh.
God, how he missed that laugh. He still woke up at times wishing that he could still hear it.
Calypso had been her name. His beautiful goddess he had called her.
With a start, he realized that the ship was about to Jump.
He looked over to see Serjin smiling at him, his grin almost splitting his face.
“A new world Callix! One never seen by human eyes until today! You and I shall be the first to see it, from this wonderful ship you have designed. From Hera
Space seemed to blur and bend, and then they were floating above a beautiful little world. Green land masses, and blue oceans. It looked almost like Earth.
Callix was shaking his head though as landers began to launch, and robots deployed to sample atmosphere content and establish a landing site.
“Thats not her name. Thats the name that the Client chooses, but not the name given by the Designer”
Serjin looked at him, curiosity plain on his face.
“Really? Designers give their ships different names? Well, I guess that makes sense. So, what did the mighty Designer Callix Troy name his first great Colonyship? Huh?”
Callix stared out at the green and blue planet below, so very much like Earth, and wondered if it had beaches.

“Calypso. I named her Calypso”