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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Found words poem

This is my found words poem for writers craft. We have to take words from tings and make a poem out of them. I made mine out of Closer to the Truth, Bye Bye Babylon, Gravity Hurts, Creeping in my Soul by Cryoshell, several quotes from Star wars, and My way, Working, and Crazie$ by I Fight Dragons. This is yet a work in progress, so advice is welcome.

When you are calm, at peace,
Peace is a lie and all the ashes
And all the thieves, I am lost
Here I am in the modern age

Its burning me, eating me
Don’t you see?
Swarms of evil eyes and lonely souls

I’m not perfect I’m just who I am
Only a master of evil
There’s a body on the floor
In the darkness

Not leave it in darkness
Its over. It is you who are evil
My way, your way
From my point of view it is balance

I can’t take it anymore.
Its hard to breathe
I resisted, but I’m breaking down
None of us can make it on our own

I’ve got news for you
We’re meant to be
Not as reflections,
But as we imagine angels
Tear shaped

You don’t belong
You won’t let me be
Be gone, be gone
I see your face

But maybe they’re right
And we all feel the same way you do
How can I let this go? Oh no
And here I am, I am

I am gone

Its getting out of control
Don’t you see my nightmares
Out of darkness you will run
Burning in the sun, oh no

Maybe if I lose my disguise
To bring balance like leaves
Falling down slowly
Like a body on the floor

Rising despair, quicker, easier
Turn again to suffering, hate
Through victory I’ll be them
And less and less of me

Friends say, my way
Your way, their way
They all say
I don’t give a damn

Suddenly release eternity
From pride we’ll fall
Don’t you know?
My chains are broken

Today you were the hero
But you would destroy all
I disagree.

I don’t want to rule the world alone
Play it by the rules, we all say
Everybody take a stand
Everybody coming to life

They’re crazy
They don’t belong
Fools all
We’re the prodigies

Its over

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