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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hunting Part 2: Chapter 4

This one is going to be much shorter now

Chapter 4: Iris’ story

“I guess it started a long time ago, before I was even born.
My father was an up and coming politician, and a criminal mastermind. He owned the brothel that my mother worked at.
He frequented all the brothels that he owned, but never used the ‘merchandise’, as he called it, except for my mother. There was something special about her I guess.
Anyways, he eventually grew tired of the fun of it, and left the brothels to run themselves. Eight months later my mother gave birth to me.
I grew up among the other women at the brothel. I had a dozen mothers, and the bouncers were my brothers. I had a family that I loved.
Eventually Callion found out that I existed. And he came, and he told my mother that I belonged to him as his daughter.
She refused to let him take me, stating that there was no proof, and that he had never done anything to raise me. Then he said that he would either have me as his daughter or as his whore, whichever my mother pleased.
Now, she said that he didn’t own me, which was true. My mother made sure that I would never owe the place anything and so that I would always be free.
Well, then he took her aside and threatened to shoot her, the entire place, and burn it. He promised that I would watch and that then he would take me on top of the ashes of the place. So my mother gave him my blood sample.
We left that same night, but Callion caught us a few days later. he had had the sample analyzed and it turned out that I was his daughter. He said that he was going to take me back to his home and make me into a proper daughter.
And again my mother refused.
Callion flew into a rage and slapped her across the face. Then he dragged her away, promising that he would use her one last time before killing her. I heard shots in the dark, and then he came back without my mother.
He took me back to his home and made me be his daughter. I was to speak when spoken to, and learn to curtsy and scrape and bow when needed. I was to be seen at functions to show that Callion was a human too.
When I refused he showed me the brothel burnt to the ground.
When I still refused he locked me in my room. He still would visit me once a month to check to see if I had changed my mind. But I had decided that I had had enough.
I had friends, like those who brought me my food. They helped sneak me out the day after Callion’s last visit.
That was three weeks ago. I should have another week before he notices that I am missing. Hopefully my friends will not suffer for it.
That is my story. That is all that there is to it”

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