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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just a poem

The day begins just like any other
The man jolts awake with a stutter
He goes downstairs to eat bread and butter
And wears his rain boots because of the weather

He walks down the street so dreary and gray
And wishes that the rain would go away
The people are running, covering their heads
And most of them just want to go back to bed

The subway is crowded, the bus ride is dreary
This monotonous life is making him dreary
Get up in the morning and head of to work
File his reports and deal with the jerks

Then get home too late for anything else
No time to do anything in this quest for wealth
Shovel the food straight into his throat
And go back to sleep, thats all she wrote

These days are unending
This life so unbending
The wheels keep on spinning
And others keep winning

So he gets on the train, his eyes on the ground
Not a thought that this day may be when it turns around
His stares at the raindrops falling on by
And ignores everything ‘til he hears a sigh

He turns and beholds a woman like him
Tired of this life, so pale, grey, and grim
He wonders if he should speak to her
But he remembers the past and how things once were

The doors woosh open and she jostles past
And the train pulls away far far too fast
He missed his chance, as the rain falls down
And the train carries him into the heart of the town

The streets here are dark, the people are sad
The whole wide world acts like its gone mad
Nobody looks up, nobody talks or sees
Its like that old saying, the forest for trees

He turns all around, confused now and then
And walks to his work, the same yet again
But somehow he knows that this day in new
Maybe the clouds will break into blue

The sun will come out and wash it away
And he will have a new chance on this day
But the fates don’t align, the planets are off
And the elevator dings and whisks him aloft

The city spreads before his window
The phone rings and he answers ‘hello’
But it is nobody, just another blank call
Nobody, yes nobody, no nothing at all

He sits at his desk and looks at the pages
And wonders if all this is worth the wages
And so he gets up and punches out early
Does not stick around for the hurly burly

He walks down the street, just looking around
And from all the people there comes not a sound
Then he hears a sweet noise, once more that sigh
And spinning around the woman he does spy

She sits at the cafe, food growing cold
She looks at the world, so tired and old
She needs something new, some kind of change
Before this grey city makes her deranged

The man walks towards her, tentative now
He thinks he should say something, but doesn’t know how
The two are strangers, complete unknowns
Maybe he should just give up, go home

The woman looks up and sees him there
Pulls out a chair with an inquiring stare
“You are like me” she asks, not quite sure
“I guess that I am” he answers to her

He takes the seat, and orders a drink
The woman stares at him, and blinks
The two sit there, tired and done
Fighting battles that cannot be won

“Good luck in your works, whatever you do”
“Thank you good sir, and the same to you”
They finish their drinks and go separate ways
Ending their first real human contact in days

And the world keeps spinning
The treadmill keeps turning
But its never us winning
And always us burning

But sometimes its the things like that
That help you get through the next spat
And saving a stranger can sometimes be
The thing that saves you, and then saves me

This is the story of our life these days
In this city, so cold old and gray
But so long as you live there is hope
That you can climb this too steep slope

The days go on by, the treadmill turns faster
And we keep on writing this unending chapter
But if you look around maybe you’ll see
That you aren’t alone, and never will be

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