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Monday, 4 November 2013

Supers: Character rundown

So, as promised here is a bit of a rundown on the characters from the 'Super' short story, as well as an update on what this blog is going to be.
I'm going to try and post one new thing (made for this blog) each day. Other, older things go up once a week or so so that I don't run out too fast.
On weekdays that I have work I won't post anything, so expect some missing days.
Its up to you to hold me to this; if I miss two of three days in a row comment or something and make sure that I keep writing.
So, about these characters. These are my notes, so they may be a bit disjointed. And they may contain spoilers that I forget to edit out. You have been warned.

The Avengers:
Made up of a team of fan-boy heroes.
Ahmed Khan: Hulk had strength and indestructibility as his particular abnormality.
Alfred Jones: Cap was faster, stronger, and smarter than the average human (so he said) but his main power was that he could create indestructible force disks which he used as his ‘America Shield’.
Frank Zhou: Thor had a similar power to that of the modern hero Bolt. He could control lightning and electricity. He often channeled it through a hammer, just for fun. He could also manipulate his powers to superheat the air using electricity, allowing him to hover.
Amy Tomni: Black Widow was Cap’s girlfriend. When her boyfriend manifested his Abnormality she bought a gun, dyed her hair red, and joined the team.
Lam Puta: Quicksilver could run really fast. Originally a part of the Justice League, he quit because Avengers had a roster that was truer to the comics.
Namor: Nobody knows Namor’s real name. He had it erased during CLASSIFIED. Namor was the final member of the team and often suffered from ‘Aquaman Syndrome’. His ability to go without air and survive extreme pressures, as well as having a type of ‘blindvision’ where he could see in any conditions made him rarely, if ever, useful in battle. He carried a gun so that he could help, CLASSIFIED
CLASSIFIED in the London Battle. After that Alfred got depressed, and left the team for a time. The three remaining members continued on for a time until CLASSIFIED. At this time Alfred rejoined the team, and CLASSIFIED

The Justice League:
James Smith: Green Arrow lived just a bit faster than everyone else. He had been an archer before manifesting his powers, and so continued with what he knew. Able to aim and shoot his bow faster than most people could shoot bullets allowed him to claim his place as a Super.
Dick Tyrie: Superman could fly, and was indestructible. He did minorly heroic things like stopping robbers until he met James Smith. They decided to form the Justice League.
Lam Puta: Lam Puta joined the Justice League as The Flash. But, when the Avengers were created by Alfred Jones and Amy Tomni, he resigned, saying that he had always liked Marvel better anyways.
After Lam left Dick and James did the best that they could to continue their Justice League, but no other Supers wanted to brand themselves with comic book names except for Lex Luthor and Bane. When Lex Luthor removed Dick’s powers and Bane broke James’ back the Justice League disbanded. Lex and Bane were later stopped by the Avengers.

The Doomleague:
Doomleague was the first and most notorious villain alliance.
Bad Boy was a charismatic man. Mostly the face of the team, but also the plotter, he could convince anyone of anything. Some said that his powers were related to mind control, but it was in fact related to his voice and appearance. When he became Super his face changed, becoming ‘beautiful’ and his voice changed as well.
Zombie was dead. A cop he had been shot in the face while on duty. Then, he woke up as they were moving his body to the morgue. The bullets were still in his body, still mangling his face. He was in constant terrible pain. But, no wound could kill him, and his organs, muscles, and bones would always regrow. It was this constant pain and the revulsion in the eyes of others that drove him to the Doomleague.
Fixer was the team medic. He could alter the bodies natural abilities, allowing Supers to heal itself, or become stronger. However, he could also cause the body of a Normal to mutate in other ways. Through this he made a lot of monsters, pseudo-Supers, and carved swaths of death through cities.
Thrasher had the much sought after ability of telekinesis. He could move things with his mind. After breaking his legs trying to fly on a manhole cover he was refused medical attention based on his ‘abnormality’. Bad Boy offered to have Fixer heal his legs if he would join the team. Angered by the growing distrust of and prejudice against Supers, Thrasher agreed. Once his legs were healed he tore the city hospital apart from three blocks away.
Mastermind was a telepath. He could read minds and influence others. He could also affect and trick the senses. He started off with petty crime and satisfying his lusts, making people think he was their best friend so they would lend him money, or hookers think that he had payed them. When he heard about Thrasher he decided that with a Telekinetic Super under his influence he could do so much more. Bad Boy convinced him that it was in his best interests to instead join the team.

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