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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

LotR poem

No time for anything complicated today. Its just a quick poem about Lord of the Rings. Its something that a travelling minstrel or court bard may sing (if such things exist in LotR)

What a world that we live in
Do you see it? The ache, the pain?
The endless fighting without gain?

Orcs are born of puddles of mud
Elves flee our land for Havens Gray
And dwarves are fleeing from the day

We are men, but we aren’t strong
Must we try and rule with all our flaws?
Wizards duel, and ignore our laws

Lost kings flee into the north
Leaving stewards on the throne
Those who tear us to the bone

The hobbits in their Shire
Are oblivious of this fate
It is up to man alone to bear this weight

To stand against the shadow
Against Morgoth’s hound
Against the very ground

Now the wizards turn on us
White raised armies to burn
Will destroy us too in our turn

The Grey has failed, fled to the elves
The dwarves they fight amongst themselves
Who left to fight but us?

It is the time of men now
To forge our names in blood and steel
To carve our place with zeal

Forge the old blades anew
And raise the kings of old once more
And march our strength into Mordor

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