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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Dark Spiral: 1

Jor stood at the window and looked out over the field below. One hand clasped the other at the small of his back. A breeze from outside ruffled his hair. It was getting longer now, long enough that a breeze could do that.
It felt good to have it long, after having had it shaved all those years with Callion. And Naci liked it, so there was that bonus as well.
Jor shook his head in mild bemusement. Naci. She had taken him back in. After those years apart, after knowing who and what he was.
He didn’t understand it, didn’t know why, didn’t really care. Because he was happy now. Happier than he had ever been, even happier than during their time on Mars.
He figures that that was because he was finally free. Free of Callion, free of his past, free of his own darkness.
He supposed that he had the Butcher to thank for that, but he would never thank the Butcher for anything.
Where he had once respected killing found it to be an art form, a worthwhile deed, but to be done with care and precision, the Butcher had just killed wantonly, not caring who she hurt.
If he was honest with himself, he hadn’t much cared either. He had enjoyed killing just as much as the Butcher.
But he was past that now. That was done. He was free.
Free to enjoy the air on his face, the breeze in his hair, the scene of beauty on the Martian field below.
The feeling of Naci’s warmth as she wrapped her arms around him from behind.
“Hello dear”
“Why so formal?”
“I don’t know. I’m just in a bit of an introspective mood”
“I know, I know, I’m not supposed to think about the times before”
“Thats right. It makes you all melancholy and moody, and I do not like that. So don’t”
“Ok Naci, I won’t”
She turned him to face her and smacked him very lightly on the cheek.
“Thats for lying to me”
“I didn’t-”
“Yes you did. I know you Jor. You’re going to keep thinking about the past time and time again. For as long as you live you are going to keep thinking about it. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you to stop every time I catch you”
She smiled as she looked at him again.
He smiled back, as always amazed at the warmth within her, how she could care so much for him despite what he had put her through. The best he could do was pay her back by being happy, by letting go of the past for the moment.
“Ok, I’ll stop for now. No promises about later”
“So, what did you want me for?”
“Do I need to have a reason to stand beside the man I love and appreciate a fine spring morning?”
“I guess not”
“So then be quiet, and let me enjoy this breeze Jor”
He smiled again as he looked back out the window over the field. It was going to be a good day. He could tell.

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