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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Dark Spiral: Explanation

This has a funny story behind it. I sat down at the computer every day for the past three days, opened the file folder where I store my writing, opened a blank word document, and then stared at the screen.
I'd toss out a few words, maybe half a paragraph or two. If I was lucky I'd get a page.
Then I'd alt-tab to another window and start watching an anime or something. Which, if you have ever been hooked on a show, it is hard to blame me for doing. Or I dunno, maybe its not.
Point is, I could not write anything. At all. I would get something out, then get tired. I needed an idea, I needed a character that I liked, and I needed something that I could really get behind.
But what?
I've spent the last little while putting most of my writing output into Hunting. And, I really got behind those characters.
But I kinda killed those characters off and ended the story... yah. Not my brightest idea.
Then, in the middle of a coughing fit this morning (I know, weirdest place to get inspiration huh?) I got inspiration.
So, this is The Dark Spiral. It's going to start out with one story, then jump to another for, as far as I can foresee, quite some time.
And then its going to join up with the first story again. I hope you like it!

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